Saturday, 27 February 2010

Awesome Youngblood Order

Finally got my latest order from Youngblood Records a couple of weeks ago. Without doubt one of the best labels around, putting out consistently good records for over ten years now. I'd pre-ordered the latest couple of releases a few months ago, and then, just before they got sent out, I also arranged to buy a couple of other bits from Sean that my Youngblood collection was missing. This is one of the best packages I have received in a while. Even the box is cool:

First up is the new Lion Of Judah 7" entitled 'Numberology'. I love this band and it's great that they are still going. The green vinyl was the pre-order version. I'm not sure how many were made, but the packaging on this is great:

The best thing about this is the lyric sheet, which takes the form of mask, complete with eye holes that you can pop out if you want:

I also got the clear vinyl version with plain yellow labels, which was made for the 2009 Youngblood showcase. This does come with a regular sleeve the same as the one pictured above, but I left that out of the photo. This one is numbered out of 125:

I think there was also a tour press of this record, which looks like a test press, with blank labels and no sleeve. I'd really like one of those too. Can anyone help me out?

The other record from the original order was the second 7" by Fired Up, called 'Doomed To Repeat'. I really like their first 7", so was stoked on a new record. I got three copies of this one, but I don't know the pressing info.

The orange vinyl is the Youngblood 2009 showcase version, numbered out of 100:

Also, sometime in the not too distant past, I had also bid on the tour pressing of the first Fired Up 7" on eBay, and lost. But Sean gave me a second chance offer, which I took up.

I was stoked to get this, as it meant that I had completed my Fired Up 7" collection... or so I thought. I got the records out to take a photo, and then realised one was missing:

There's a yellow vinyl pressing with plain red labels. I was convinced I had it. I spent ages looking through my records trying to find it. But then I checked my collection list and it wasn't there. So I can only conclude that I never owned it. I guess things are getting bad if I don't even know what I have anymore. Oops.

Next out of the bag was the orange vinyl press of the last Mind Eraser 7":

This sold out in a matter of hours and I missed it. I also missed the clear vinyl version from the first pressing too. I have managed to get them now, but I've collected this one in a backwards manner, from second press to first. I guess that's what I get for missing the pre-order. But good to have the set:

Next up, one that's over a year late - the Youngblood 2008 showcase press of the Worn Thin LP:

I seriously love this LP. One of the most under-rated LPs of the past decade. Cool to get it on black vinyl, since the other two versions of this that I have are both on blue. Here's my collection so far:

And finally, a record that I have too many versions of already - the first Iron Age LP. This latest one is the YB 2009 showcase version on blue:

I now have too many plus one versions of this record. But at least it makes for a cool photo:

According to my collection spreadsheet, I now own 89 pieces of Youngblood vinyl.I think I now need to figure out exactly what I am missing and update my want list, because 89 doesn't seem like enough :o)


Wade said...

Wow big package. Sean probably has copies of that fired up 7" ur missing. I picked one up at a time well remember from him.

Mike said...

I'm not sure if you care or not, but you are also missing the black vinyl pressing for the first Fired Up 7 inch.

Doomed to Repeat pressing info.
100 gold for youngblood fest
150 white
350 blue

I need a gold copy of this one!

XjamesX said...

Marcus, I actually have a spare copy of the Fired Up WTLGO 7" record on yellow vinyl, with red labels I think.
Interested in working out a trade for it, im in the UK also which makes it easy! :)?
Hit me up at if you are interested :)


Also, will have copies of the Times Together 7" to sell in the next few days hopefully :)

Anonymous said...

While on tour with War Hungry in Europe the bass player of LOJ sold the Numberology 7" out of 25.